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Protecting Civilians Through Peace Agreements Challenges and Lessons of the Darfur Peace Agreement

"Why do some peace processes succeed and others don’t? More particularly, why do some peace processes create conditions for the effective protection of civilians while others don’t? It is argued in this paper that one important aspect of the answer …

Expert Meeting on the Future of DDR Programming in Africa [Second part]

"The present DDR programme aims to address a minimum of 300 000 ex-combatants through a security and development plan. Mohammed noted that DDR cannot be discussed in isolation; it has to be linked to the political programmes and to the social and …

Reforms under the R-ARCSS could become Mere Transitions without Democratic Change

This policy brief rings alarm bells for the parties to the R-ARCSS, its guarantors, and civil society actors that unless certain actions are urgently taken, reforms under the revitalized peace agreement may fail to yield positive change in facilitat…

Finding Peace in Uncertain Times: South Sudan and the Revitalised Peace Process

South Sudan’s latest peace deal has been lauded as a milestone in the country’s long road to peace and stability. The Revitalised Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) outlines power-sharing arrangements between rivals Pr…

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