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Rangeland Tenure and Pastoral Development in Botswana: Is there a Future for Community-Based Management?

"Botswana has a long history of attempts to ‘rationalise’ land tenure so as to improve livestock production, which remains a mainstay for the rural economy. This paper addresses the profound transformations in land tenure systems that have been prom…

Pastoralists and Environment: Experiences from the Greater Horn of Africa

"Johan Helland's paper discusses the Borana pastoral society of southern Ethiopia, and asks questions about the longterm viability of such communities in the context of various development efforts. Boku Tache's paper on the Borana raises many of the…

Pastoralism and Development in Ethiopia

"In summary there will be a major change in the livelihood components of pastoralists in Ethiopia in 2020. We will see a pastoral system whereby natural capital are more conserved and protected, physical capital more developed, financial and econom…

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