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Conflict-sensitive Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa

Whether natural, or caused by humans, it is becoming clear that climate change is a reality that will affect the entire globe. Our concern should be for the poorest Africans, many of whom are highly dependent on natural resources for their living. I…

African Journal on Conflict Resolution vol. 14, no. 2, 2014

‘Security regionalism and flaws of externally forged peace in Sudan: The IGAD peace process and its aftermath’ examines the IGAD peace process in Sudan, highlighting the dynamics and relative roles of the principal actors involved. It argues that al…

Peace, Federalism and Human Rights: Papers presented at the first Graduate Conference on Peace, Federalism and Human Rights

The first edition of the Graduate Conference was held on 12 and 13 August 2015 at the premises of the Institute. Of the 15 papers presented during the conference, eleven are included in this publication. The objective of the paper titled “ Insights…

The Intricate Road to Development: Government Development Strategies in the Pastoral Areas of the Horn of Africa

"Pastoralism is a livelihood strategy and a system of mobile livestock production that makes wide-ranging use of grazing lands in arid and semi-arid environment that doesn’t uphold sustainable crop cultivation. The freedom of mobility over outsized …

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