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Study Report on Gender Dimensions of Climate Change Related Projects in Somalia

Climate change poses serious development challenge in Puntland and Somalia in general that needs to be addressed urgently. Somalia and Puntland development plans and policy documents recognize this challenge and observe that if climate change is n…

A Delicate Balance: Land Use, Minority Rights and Social Stability in the Horn of Africa

"The authors of the various chapters examine whether investments amount to an additional threat to the lives and livelihoods of pastoralists (the others being climate change, land degradation, conflict, invasive species and others) or if investments…

From Plunder to Prosperity: Resolving Resource-based Conflict in Somaliland

After decades of political upheaval in the Somali region, land tenure systems in Somaliland lie in grim disarray. Years of civil war steadily eroded traditional systems of managing land and resources and resolving conflict, the Somaliland governme…

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