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Prospects of the SPLA/M's Transition into a Political Party in Sudan

"This paper argues that the predominant circumstances in Sudan are likely to prevent the Sudan People’s Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) from evolving into a political party. At present, the political class in the North has not reached a consensus …

The Evolution and Development of the New Patriotic Party in Ghana

"This paper examines the emergence and development of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government in the context of a broader examination of the roles of political parties within the Ghanaian political landscape. After describing the political a…

Political Liberalisation and Party Radicalisation in Algeria: The Case of the Islamic Front of Salvation

"Starting in the late 1980s the Algerian political system underwent important changes. In 1989 Algeria moved from a one-party system to multipartyism. The Islamic parties were the biggest beneficiaries of the country’s political liberalisation. The …

Women Participation in Party Politics during the Multiparty Era in Africa: The case of Tanzania

"In this report, an attempt has been made to provide recommendations for addressing the existing gender imbalances other than affirmative action and the institution of quota systems. In fact, there are several direct measures that could be implement…

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