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Securing a Sustainable Oceans Economy: South Africa’s Approach

This report contributes to the growing interest in South Africa’s maritime domestic and foreign policies by critically discussing recent developments. South Africa should be considered, at least by virtue of its geographic location, a unique mariti…

Calming the Waves: Using Legislation to Protect Marine Life from Seismic Surveys

Seismic surveys, which are conducted during oil and gas exploration, produce low-frequency high-intensity noise. These surveys have been shown to negatively impact marine fauna around the world to varying degrees. Operation Phakisa is a South Africa…

Co-operation in the South Atlantic Zone: Amplifying the African Agenda

"South Africa’s foreign policy prioritises peaceful and sustainable growth in Africa by maximising its external engagements in increasingly strategic ways. Until now, Brazil has formed the pivot of South Africa’s engagements in South America, with …

South(ern) Africa and the Indian Ocean – South Atlantic Nexus: Blue Economy and Prospects for Regional Cooperation

Through the development of the maritime economy for South and Southern Africa, the success of economic diversification will depend on a feasible architecture of cooperation beginning with existing regional arrangements to address the risks that are …

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