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Strengthening Local Government Service Delivery Systems Through the Open Government Initiative: The Case of Botswana

The Government of Botswana has, and continues to promote local government as an instrument of decentralization and public participation for local level governance and service delivery. Local authorities (LAs) are at the forefront of the provision of…

The Potential of Open Data to Impact Resource Allocation for Poverty Eradication in Kenya and Uganda

"This study therefore set out to answer two broad questions: 1) How are open data initiatives contributing to poverty eradication through impact on resource allocation, and 2) How could the contribution of open data initiatives to poverty eradica…

How Civic Technology can Drive Accountability in South Africa

Despite the open data movement’s early momentum it has struggled to make an impact while transitioning from ‘civic hacking’ into mainstream society and governance. However, within South Africa there are a number of civic technology projects and i…

Do Open Access Wireless Networks Threaten Competition and Investment?

The lacuna in South Africa’s national broadband policy on how to implement open access in order to contribute to national policy objectives prompted Research ICT Africa (RIA) to investigate whether open access strategies could be the policy and regu…

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