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Constraints and Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Uganda's Oil and Gas Sector

"Although Uganda has undertaken several strategic interventions since the oil discovery in 2006, specific interventions that promote local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to invest in the oil and gas value chain remain a challenge. In pa…

Constraints and Opportunities for SMEs Investment in Uganda’s Oil and Gas Sector

"Uganda’s Oil Industry has attracted huge foreign investment, but participation by SMEs has remained poor despite their importance in income generation, employment and poverty eradication. Although the Oil industry is highly specialised, it provides…

Energy Management News Volume 20 No 3

This issue comprises several articles and conference papers. The first and second articles both discuss energy saving initiatives. Article no.1 is entitled : Top energy ranking for Three Cities Bantry Bay Suite Hotel (page 1). The second article is…

Transparency Deficits in the Disclosure of Oil Sector Information in Nigeria

This Policy Brief presents the findings of the Transparency Building Initiative, a project of the Facility for Oil Sector Transparency (FOSTER) in Nigeria, implemented by CSEA. FOSTER is a five-year DFID funded project that aims to improve oil secto…

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