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Future Oil Revenues and Political Dynamics in West and East Africa: A Slippery Slope

The paper begins with an overview of the economic geography of projected oil dependence in Africa, concentrated in the Gulf of Guinea and the Rift Valley respectively. Secondly, it briefly reviews the literature that attempts to understand why oil…

Federal Government Amnesty Strategy in the Niger Delta : Will it go Beyond Satisficing Minimalism?

The DDRR strategy is a commendable initiative, since it brings back the developmental problem of the Niger Delta atop the in-tray of the national policy agenda in Nigeria and allows the proponents of the Niger Delta developmental issues to ventilate…

Will Tax Reform Drive Equitable Development in Oil-Dependent Angola?

"Angola is currently implementing a major tax reform programme, which aims to boost non-oil tax revenue as a means to diversify its economy. Broadening the tax base will play a critical role in reducing natural-resource dependence and vulnerabilit…

Oil Exploitation and Regional Disparities of Poverty in Chad: An Analysis of the Oil Revenues Redistribution Policy

This study aims to explore local disparities of poverty in Chad within a context of oil exploitation. Firstly, it analyses the regional poverty dynamics between 2003 and 2011 by decomposing poverty trends into growth and redistribution components ba…

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