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São Tomé and Príncipe Update

"The recent political crisis and the resulting dismissal of Prime Minister Maria das Neves have again demonstrated that political instability caused by conflicts between the president and the government, factional struggles, and shifting party alli…

Oil Production and Ghana's Economy: What Can We Expect?

There are two key objectives in this paper. Firstly, it seeks to estimate the impacts of oil production on Ghana’s economy using a computable general equilibrium model. Secondly, it proposes policies to mitigate the adverse impacts oil activities ma…

Technology Transfer and Acquisition in the Oil Sector and Government Policy in Nigeria

"The analysis presented in this report shows the level of development and upgrading of the core technological capabilities in the Nigerian oil industry since independence in 1960. The study examines the nature of technological capabilities formed in…

COVID-19: Faced with a Violent and Long-lasting Shock, African Oil Countries are Improvising the Rescue of their Economy

While the Brent oil prices in London have been fluctuating between 20 and 35 dollars per barrel for several weeks, and while American oil prices in New York even reached negative values on 20 April, most African oil-producing countries have, at the …

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