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Equitable Sharing of the Treasures of Oil and Gas In a Transparent and Environmentally Sustainable Manner

"The discussions centred on two important ideas: First, Parliament must actively engage in the legislative process and pass laws that are strong, detailed and responsive to the many risks that oil production creates. Second, Parliament must use its…

Black Gold in the Congo : Threat to Stability or Development Opportunity

"Although it should provide development opportunities,renewed oil interest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) represents a real threat to stability in a still vulnerable post-conflict country. Exploration has begun, but oil prospecting is…

The Political Economy of Extractives in the Borderlands

The first contribution titled: Extractives in the Horn of Africa: Regional potential and challenges by Muhumuza Didas discusses government legitimacy, among others as a critical factor for the success of the extractive industry; the need for communa…

La Fiscalité sur l'Or Noir au Sénégal / Taxation on Black Gold in Senegal

With the discovery of a first oil deposit in 2014, then gas discoveries in 2015 and 2016, Senegal plans to improve its economic performance in the medium and long term. Not having all the technical expertise required to exploit this wealth, the coun…

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