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Improving the Measurement of Food Security

"Although food security measurement has been substantially expanded in recent decades, there persists significant dissatisfaction with existing measurement systems, especially in the wake of the global food and financial crisis. In this paper we fir…

Identification des Possibilités d’appui aux Filières de Commercialisation Porteuses / Identifying Opportunities to Support Promising Marketing Channels

The study of identifying opportunities to support the promising business sectors fits in the process of preparation of the 11th EDF interventions in Senegal. In accordance with the terms of reference, this study was conducted in two phases, each pha…

Rethinking Food Security: Agro-Food Systems Change and the Right to Food in Southern Africa

This information resource serves as a practical guide aimed at state officials and policymakers on the right to food and critical perspectives on changing agro-food systems within the context of climate change. It does so by clarifying the entitleme…

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