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Non-Farm Activities and Production Decision of Farmers

"Rural development, which includes progress both in farm and non-farm activities, seems to be the only hope to bring better days in Ethiopia. Non-farm activities provide not only alternative sources of income and employment for the rural poor but al…

Rural Non-Farm Activities and Poverty Alleviation in Tanzania: A Case Study of Two Villages in Chamwino and Bahi Districts of Dodoma Region

The study assessed the role of rural non-farm activities on poverty alleviation in Tanzania. Specifically, it examined the factors affecting the performance of rural non-farm activities, the mechanisms through which rural non-farm and farm activit…

Participation in Non-Farm Activities in Rural Sudan: Patterns and Determinants

Despite the importance of non-farm income in the livelihood of the rural population in Sudan, information available on its size and determinants is scant. This study examined the patterns and determinants of decisions to participate in non-farm acti…

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