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Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Firm Financial Performance in Nigeria

"This study aims to provide additional insights into the relationship between governance mechanisms and firm financial performance in Nigeria. The article focuses on the five dimensions of corporate governance,abstracting from other dimensions such …

Mobilizing Domestic Resources for Economic Development in Nigeria: The Role of the Capital Market

"This study focuses on the role of the capital market in mobilizing domestic resources for economic development in Nigeria, with emphasis on the role of the Nigerian Stock Exchange(NSE). The objectives of the study are to identify the major problems…

Nigeria Economic Update Issue No.31

The first heading: Solid minerals sector discusses the data from the NBS on mining and quarrying in Nigeria and show an increase in the quantity of solid minerals produced in 2017. Under the following heading: Commodity Report - Nigeria’s crude oil…

Nigeria Economic Update Issue No.44

The first article is titled: Domestic and Foreign Portfolio Investment. Total transaction at the national bourse increased by 15.95 percent from Naira 121.9 billion in August 2019 to Naira 141.45 billion in September 2019. The increase in total tran…

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