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The Niger Delta Crisis and its Implications for Nigeria’s 2007 Elections

"The present political situation in Nigeria is one of great flux; there are so many uncertainties, as this analysis makes clear. The Niger Delta, and the calculations of the leading actors in the region – state functionaries, politicians, armed mili…

Natural Resource Management and its Implications on National and Sub-Regional Security: The Case of the Niger Delta

"The focus of this paper is poor resource management and the impact on the political, economic and environmental situations. At the root of most of the violent conflicts in history has been the competition for territory and resources, and specifical…

The Amnesty Programme and the Resolution of the Niger Delta Crisis : Progress, Challenges and Prognosis

Some of the interim findings of a comprehensive study of the amnesty for peace programme, was presented in this monograph. The general objective of the research is to assess the impacts, challenges and sustainability of the amnesty programme and the…

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