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The Impact of Nelson Mandela's Tour of the United States

This brief report contains brief assessments of Nelson Mandela’s American visit by four American analysts. The visit was a resounding success. Mandela had achieved the following: prevented moves to lift sanctions, enhanced the credibility of the ANC…

SAIIA Southern Africa Record no 58

This Southern Africa Record contains the following texts: • Namibia - Extracts from the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia, effective 21 March 1990. - Statement by the UN Secretary-General, Dr. Perez de Cuellar, at Namibia Independence ce…

Conflict Trends Issue 3 2013

In ‘The Other Side of Drones: Saving Wildlife in Africa and Managing Global Crime’ the negative consequences of poaching are felt in Africa and around the world, governments and law enforcement may have a way to counter this threat: the use of unarm…

Leadership in Africa: What we Learn from Mandela

"Leadership is key to good governance and development. Yet, it is the absence of good leadership that has characterized governance on the continent. For too long the African narrative has been a dysfunctional one: neocolonialism, underdevelopment, a…

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