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Some Implications of External Pressures on South Africa

Many countries face pressures to change their foreign policies, but in South Africa these pressures are directed at internal policies almost exclusively. Pressure from various sources and at various levels is increasing as South Africa’s economic st…

Peace and Security Council Report Issue 78

The open sessions of the Peace and Security Council(PSC) in April 2016 focused on migration, natural resources and arms control. The question can be asked, how effective are these open sessions? In the Situation Analysis, the promising changes see…

The Impact of Large Scale Mining on the Livelihoods of Adjacent Communities : The Case of Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania

The contribution of Geita Gold Mine (GGM) to the livelihoods of local communities in Geita District was assessed in this study. It specifically assessed the effectiveness of corporate social responsibility implementation, determined the extent to w…

Making Governance Work for Water–Energy–Food Nexus Approaches

The concept of the water–energy–food (WEF) nexus has become widely used to help understand interdependencies among the three systems, and how they can be managed sustainably to meet growing demand. The WEF nexus has especially been advocated to ad…

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