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Dialogue of Theory and Empirical Evidence: A Weighted Decision and Tenurial Niche Approach to Reviewing the Operation of Natural Resource Policy in Rural Southern Africa

"Considerable research has been conducted on community-based natural resource management in rural southern Africa. Many interesting insights have accumulated from the literature on the research issues of earlier generations. The challenge is to brea…

Challenges of Co-Management on Shared Fishery Ecosystems: The Case of Lake Chiuta

"There are frequent conflicts among fishing communities on Lake Chiuta mainly due to definitions of resource boundaries and membership, the limited empowerment of the user communities because of weak decentralised structures, and the application of…

Conservation and Sustainable Development Linking Practice and Policy in Eastern Africa

"Our development depends on nature, and if development in our region is to proceed it must be based on sustainable management of the ecosystems that support life. Although this simple fact is well accepted, achieving sustainable development in pract…

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