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Resources and Development The Role of the State in Sub-Saharan Africa

The perverse and inverse relationship between wealth in natural resources and economic development in sub-Saharan Africa is being analyzed in this paper. It analyzes the linkages between these two factors and the attributes of the dominant economic…

Philanthropy and Development in Southern Africa: Philanthropy and Resource Governance

"Philanthropic practice in the resource extraction sector is significantly under researched and forms the basis for this study. An obvious concern for social justice scholars and development scholars alike is that massive profits accumulated from re…

Philanthropy and Development in Southern Africa: Tax (In)Justice and Philanthropy

"Sharife argues that not much has changed since the days of the Rosetta Stone, when it relates to ‘governance’ of what the paper terms the ‘needs economy’. This ‘needs economy’ is a product of hyper-competitive economic systems that frame social we…

Resource Abundance in Mozambique: Avoiding Conflict, Ensuring Prosperity

"This paper investigates the likelihood of violence as a result of natural resource abundance in the country. Specifically, by combining general typologies of conflict and more specific theories on natural resource abundance and conflict, this pap…

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