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Regional Integration for Africa: Could Stronger Public Support Turn ' Rhetoric into Reality'?

"Regional integration has been a development strategy for Africa for decades. The African Economic Community’s founding treaty in 1991 provided a framework targeting full political and economic integration by 2019. Many African countries have signed…

Zimbabweans strongly Favour Free Cross-border Movement but hold Mixed Views of SADC

"The Southern African Development Community (SADC) counts among its 15 member states the region’s richest country (South Africa) as well as some of its poorest; landlocked as well as island states; and states with some of the largest populations in…

Freedom of Movement in Southern Africa: A SADC (pipe) dream?

Growing socio-economic disparities within and between states in Southern Africa are a major impediment to adopting a more collective approach to managing migration. This is compounded by a lack of political will from Southern African Development Co…

Fin de la récréation de Washington face à Pékin: Le retour des Etats-Unis en Afrique / Spelling the end of Washington's leniency with Beijing: The United States' Return to Africa

The African arena is but an episode in the China-USA soap opera. Nevertheless, given the continent's significance in terms of opportunities for major powers, it is also a space where their rivalry comes to the fore. This is the lens through which th…

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