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The Call for Merger of the National Dialogue and HLRF Processes

The search for a comprehensive peace in South Sudan is an urgent demand of all the people, most of whom are distraught and made anxious by the war-induced stresses. To support the pursuit of a comprehensive peace in the country, this Dialogue Brie...

Sudan: The Prospects for “National Dialogue”

President Omar al-Bashir promised prospects for an inclusive national dialogue in January 2014 . This promise is fading, making a soft-landing end to Sudan’s crises more doubtful. Sceptics who warned that the ruling party was unwilling and unable...

National Dialogue: A Critical Perspective

Is the National Dialogue in South Sudan turning out to be a nice surprise to those who wanted it but feared that it would not succeed, or a disappointment to those who opposed it or predicted its failure? When President Salva Kiir Mayardit annou...

Abyei Dialogue: Bottom Up and Top Down

This report on the case of the Ngok Dinka of Abyei provides a model for the National Dialogue that substantiates the Bottom-Up-Top-Down approach, which the President has stipulated in his various statements, and in his Concept Note. The experien...

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