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Shared Religion: #Islamigration, Integration & International Relations – A Case Study of Somali Muslims in Mayfair

This occasional paper, which emanated from a dissertation briefly explored Islam as a shared religion amongst two diverse groups, Somalis and South African Indians, and its role in influencing migration choices, integration and international views. …

Africa and the Growth of Violent Radicalization in the Name of Islam: The Need for a Doctrine Revision Approach

"The fourth Tana Forum focused on the topic of Secularism and Politicized Faith. The Forum was preceded two weeks earlier by the horrific massacre of university students in Kenya by violent Muslim radicals and ended just when innocent Ethiopian work…

Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 25 No.1 January-February 2013

‘The situation in the East and Horn of Africa sub-region continues to be deplorable basically because of the absence of environmental security-related infrastructure and/or the required level of awareness. Countries in the sub-region are vulnerable …

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