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Post Apartheid Local Government reforms: A small town perspective

"This CDE Focus confirms many of the shortcomings in South Africa’s small towns. There is a lack of crucial municipal staff, management capacity, and resources necessary to sustain new infrastructure projects. Substantial unresolved issues have aris…

Handbook on Legislation and Regulations for South Africa's Local Government Elections 2006

"This handbook is intented to provide clear and accessible information about the laws and regulations which will determine the administration of the 2006 local government elections. The contents should be helpful for electoral administrators and vot…

Assessing the role of councillors in service delivery at local government level in South Africa: Research Report No 125

"This research report presents the findings of a study that explores the role of elected public representatives (local councillors) in service delivery. According to the Handbook for Municipal Councillors, the broad mandate of local government offic…

Local Governance in Benin: A Guarantee of Sustainable Development?

In Benin, since the installation of the first communal and municipal councils in February 2003, decentralization has become one of the pillars of development, making better governance in local matters a fundamental element of the process. Municipa…

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