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The Preparedness of the Uganda Police to Ensure a Free, Fair and Violent-free Elections in 2011

"In recent years, Uganda has experienced violent riots and tensions surrounding elections. With violence reported in the most recent by-elections, the 2011 general elections have the unfortunate potential of erupting into serious violence, particula…

The Functioning of a Multiparty System in Local Government Challenges of a Transition from the Movement System in Uganda

"The paper argues that since Uganda is grappling with the challenge of deepening democracy under a new multiparty dispensation, the functioning of multi-party in local governments should be given adequate attention. It is important therefore to rais…

Somalia 2016 Elections: Contesting the Boundaries of Democracy

At the end of 2013, the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) committed to “Vision 2016”, an audacious plan to execute all the points of reference in the Provisional Constitution of Somalia and the New Deal's Somali Compact. These two crucial document…

Voter Behaviour in Somaliland

The main aim of the study was to understand voter behaviour in Somaliland, with a particular focus on the upcoming presidential elections. Specifically, the study objectives were: To measure attitudes towards the National Election Commission (NEC)…

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