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Les Malgaches deviennent plus critiques vis-à-vis du fonctionnement de leur démocratie / Malagasy grow increasingly critical of how their democracy is working

In Madagascar most citizens support democracy but are dissatisfied with its implementation. A large majority of Madagascans reject undemocratic regimes as an ideal form of government. Most of the Malagasy population prefer free and fair elections to…

Swazis Reject Multiparty Politics Amid Decreasing Satisfaction with Democracy

"If supporters of democratic reform in Swaziland see multiparty competition as the path to a more transparent and accountable government, they face an uphill struggle: Almost two-thirds of citizens say multiple political parties are divisive and unn…

Public Trust in Institutions, Satisfaction with Democracy Decline in Mauritius

Mauritius’ commitment to good governance is embodied in its Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance, created after the Alliance Lepep came to power in 2014 (Fakun, 2016). The Ibrahim Index of African Governance vouches for the quality o…

Demand for Competitive Multiparty Politics is High in Zimbabwe

"Starting from five major political parties at independence, the history of multiparty politics in Zimbabwe is marked by a fragmented opposition that reached a peak in a power-sharing Government of National Unity (GNU) but has never broken the rulin…

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