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The Evolution and Development of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy in Zambia

The liberal democratic wave that swept through Africa after the collapse of the USSR and communist regimes in eastern Europe spelled an end to several one-party states and military governments on the continent. Among other things it prompted the for…

Political Liberalisation and Party Radicalisation in Algeria: The Case of the Islamic Front of Salvation

"Starting in the late 1980s the Algerian political system underwent important changes. In 1989 Algeria moved from a one-party system to multipartyism. The Islamic parties were the biggest beneficiaries of the country’s political liberalisation. The …

Tanzanians Express strong support for Elections, Multiparty Competition, Presidential term Limits

Elections are considered a core element of democratic rule. However, in many African countries, the introduction of regular elections has not resulted in liberal democratic reforms and the guarantee of civil and political freedoms. Since independenc…

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