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Geneva WTO Trade Negotiation Seminar Papers

"A workshop washeld in Geneva on March 9, 2000 for African representatives to the WTO, to present some of the country studies along with some thematic overviews.This volume represents some of the material presented at that workshop. It covers trade…

South Africa's Hazardous Ballet with Human Rights Diplomacy

At its transition in 1994, South Africa emerged as an exceptional case of a rising power that would pursue the diplomacies of human rights. The history of the ANC, key policy documents and the rhetoric of its leaders, including Nelson Mandela, under…

The New EU Global Strategy and What It Means for Morocco

The EU Global Strategy, is reviewed in this policy brief which highlights its main strengths and weaknesses as well as innovations, starting with the concept of resilience. It argues that the document has many strengths for being a compromise text w…

The Purpose of Multilateralism: A Framework for Democracies in a Geopolitically Competitive World

Across the globe, multilateralism appears in crisis. Skepticism of the benefits of a multilateral order grounded in underlying liberal principles is manifesting throughout the Western world. The United States, the system’s imperfect cornerstone, sco…

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