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Multidimensional Poverty in Cameroon: Determinants and Spatial Distribution

"The aim of this study was to target poverty following a multidimensional approach. The main contribution of this approach is that its study of poverty covers monetary indicators,that is, welfare indicators which cannot be acquired easily through p…

Recounting the Miseries of the Poor - A Multidimensional Measurement of Poverty in Zambia

The approach of this report is multi dimensional in nature, which means it considers additional poverty indicators alongside the traditional income approach. Therefore the report highlights some of the important aspects of human needs and the exten…

Using a Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) to Investigate Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals in Ethiopia: Gobessa Town, Mitana Gado Kebele (Shirka Wereda), and Wereda 10 (Addis Ababa)

We report on progress in meeting Sustainable Development Goals in three selected sites in Ethiopia: Gobessa Town and Mitana Gado Kebele (in Shirka Wereda) and Wereda 10 (Addis Ababa), comprising a sample of about 5,108 households and a total popul…

Multidimensional Poverty Dynamics in Ethiopia: How do they differ from Consumption-based Poverty Dynamics?

Poverty can take many different forms, ranging widely over dimensions both monetary, such as consumption or income, and non monetary, such as health and education. One large class of non monetary measures of poverty is the multidimensional poverty i…

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