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Used Motor Vehicle Imports and the Impact on Transportation in Zambia

"In May, 2014, then Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister Christopher Yaluma, announced that Government would not limit the age of motor vehicles imported into Zambia. This was in response to concerns voiced by some stakeholders in th…

Second-Hand Motor Vehicle Imports in Zambia: Juicing from lemons?

"The sustained positive growth of the Zambian economy has resulted in many shifts in consumption patterns of Zambian households. One notable change is the increased consumption of consumer durables, particularly motor vehicles. Motor vehicle owners…

SADC e-Mobility Outlook: A Zimbabwean Case Study

The current landscape in the Zimbabwean transport sector is characterised by high operating costs which in turn increases production costs for industry and commerce, thereby negatively affecting the competitiveness of Zimbabwean-made products in the…

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