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The Non-Tariff Barrier Monitoring Mechanism

"The persistence of non-tariff barriers (NTBs) has been the subject of much of the recent discourse on regional integration in Southern and East Africa. There has been a surfeit of recommended approaches to dealing with the regional NTB challenge, …

Monitoring Pro-Poor Health-Policy Success in the SADC Region

Monitoring pro-poor health policies at the regional level can support both the countries and the regional bodies themselves by identifying gaps in addressing poverty and health, strengthening the link between regions and member states, holding ac…

Strengthening Social Protection in the Informal Sector through CBMS: Case of the Communes of Diébougou (Province of Bougouriba), Koper (Province of Ioba) and To (Province of Sissili)

Burkina Faso has experienced the implementation of several social safety net programs to promote access to basic social services and employment of disadvantaged social strata, and to reduce the effects of exogenous shocks. These programs are based …

Implementation of CBMS in Bukoba Municipality and Muleba District

The review of existing related-monitoring systems, decentralization policies and administration structures at the local level which was conducted by Muro et al (2006) aimed for the development of a comprehensive Municipal information system, that co…

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