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Supporting International Climate Negotiators: A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

"The poorest and most climate vulnerable countries have the most to lose from climate change, but are often unable to fully represent their interests in international climate negotiations. Since July 2011, CDKN’s Negotiations Support programme has …

Report from the Scoping Mission by the Twende Mbele Programme to Niger: Scoping Mission Report: Niger

The Twende Mbele program scoping mission in Niger was conducted under favorable conditions and provided a synoptic view of the country's monitoring and evaluation system. It has yielded satisfactory results as relates to the terms of reference, and …

Le Paysage des Politiques d’évaluation Nationales en Afrique: une Comparaison / The National Evaluation Policy Landscape in Africa: A Comparison

This policy brief examines key elements of national evaluation policies among selected African countries with a view to inform policy-makers on good practices for the development of such policies. This brief draws from a comparative study conducted …

Challenges of Project Implementation in Local Government: The Case of Francistown City Council and Kweneng District Council

Botswana is faced with many challenges of project implementation. Since independence detailed projects and programmes were initiated, with limited and often less developed state capacity to implement them. This study focuses on challenges of project…

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