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Fiscal Operations, Money Supply and Inflation in Tanzania

"Inflation in Tanzania has exacerbated the economic crisis. Government and policy makers have recognized the seriousness of the phenomenon in the economy. Though they have designed policies to curb it, amazingly, inflation is still uncontrollable.…

The Behaviour of Income Velocity in Tanzania 1967-1994

"This study ventures to expand the frontier of knowledge on income velocity behaviour and its main determinants. Our investigation is also important in understanding the effect of changes in money growth on income over extended periods, thus helping…

Analysis of Equilibrium Relationship among Government Budget Deficit, Money Supply and Inflation in Ethiopia: Co-integrated VAR Analysis Approach

This study attempted to provide empirical evidences for causal long‐term relationship between budget deficit, broad money supply and inflation in Ethiopia. For this purpose, the study employed co-integrated VAR or vector error correction (VEC) model…

Determinants of Price Dynamics in Ethiopia

In this study it is tried to uncover the determinants of recent inflationary pressures in Ethiopia. In particular, the study used both simple descriptive analysis as well as rigorous parametric analysis to trace the relationship between inflation an…

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