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An Evaluation of the Viability of a Single Monetary Zone in ECOWAS

"This study focuses on the prospects of a viable monetary union in the subregion and the role of monetary integration in the facilitation and enhancement of payments for intra-regional trade. Specifically, the main objective of this study is to dete…

Monetary Harmonization in Southern Africa

"As interest in the formation of a monetary union in the region grows, naturally questions are being asked about the conditions under which a monetary union would be desirable and viable, the desirable form and extent of such a monetary union, the…

CEDEAO, la voie difficile vers l’Eco, la monnaie unique / ECOWAS, the Difficult Path towards Eco, the Single Currency

Since 2000, according to an approach and timetable that has been repeatedly changed, the 15 members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have expressed their willingness to accelerate the monetary integration process in the regi…

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