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Facilitating Financial Inclusion through Promoting the use of Mobile Money as a Saving Avenue

Mobile money has gained so much prominence in the developing world in recent times due to its potential to bring on board the financially excluded people in the rural areas and transform the mainly cash economies of developing countries into a cashl…

Does Financial Literacy Influence Use of Mobile Financial Services In Malawi? Evidence from Malawi Household Survey Data

Mobile financial services are gaining prominence and could be a possible avenue for fast-tracking financial inclusion in developing countries, including Malawi. However, adoption and usage of such services remains low among the Malawi population. Th…

Africa: The Billions That Got Away

This document mainly discusses the effect of Illicit Financial Flows and the effect it has on African Countries. In the Foreword on page 2 : Tendai Murasa speaks about Africa losing approximately US$50 billion annually through Illicit Financial Flo…

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