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Other Facets no 26

In ‘Taylor War Crimes Trial Begins: PAC’s Ian Smillie is First Witness’ the long-awaited war crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor started in The Hague in January. In ‘Kimberley Process Annual Plenary: NGO Participation Increases…

Addressing the 'Conflict Minerals' Crisis in the Great Lakes Region

"The year 2011 heralded the convergence of various initiatives seeking to curtail the financing of conflict in the Great Lakes region through the illegal exploitation of minerals. The combined effect of seeking to comply with the various proces…

Illicit Financial Flows and the Regulatory Framework for Mineral Exploitation: Arrangements in Cameroon

From the discussion in this paper, a number of issues have been brought to the limelight regarding good governance in the extractive sector in general and the mineral exploitation sector in particular. Firsly, that Africa in general and Cameroon in …

To the Ends of the Earth: Antarctica, the Antarctic Treaty and South Africa

"One of the most effective global governance regimes of the post-World War II period that has received very little attention over the years is the Antarctic Treaty.The Treaty provides for inspections and stipulates, inter alia, that Antarctica shoul…

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