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Fiscal Federalism, Subnational Governance and MDGs in Nigeria

"This paper therefore explores the relevance, impact and challenges of sub-national governments in the progress towards the MDGs by 2015. The central hypothesis is that policy and spending autonomy alone cannot enable a sub-national government to s…

Sustaining Good Governance in Water and Sanitation in Uganda

"This paper focuses on the progress Uganda has made in attaining the MDG targets on water and sanitation and concentrates on the governance framework for delivering that country’s water and sanitation MDG targets. In particular, it focuses on the in…

Sanitation, Potable Water Supply and Environmental Protection Benefits, Progress and Issues for Sustainability in Developing Countries

"At the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg in 2002, the international community agreed to a target to halve the proportion of people who lack access to basic sanitation by 2015. Available information paints a grim picture…

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