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Against The Odds: Achieving the MDGs in Rwanda

"In the last five years Rwanda has made dramatic development progress. There has been sustained economic growth and the signs of economic transformation noted in 2005 have been confirmed. There has been a continued growth in non-farm employment and …

The MDG's and Africa: The Elusive Partnership?

"In September 2000, 89 countries met at United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York amid great fanfare to adopt the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs sought to generate international consensus to eliminate international poverty and bri…

Interactions entre l’Accès à l’eau Potable et les autres Objectifs du Millénaire pour le Développement: une Analyse à partir de Données sur les Banlieues de Dakar

This title is also available in English : [Interactions between Access to Drinking Water and Other Millennium Development Goals: An Analysis Based on Data on the Suburbs of Dakar.] This paper is part of the research cluster on understanding interact…

Achieving the Millenium Development Goals (MDGS) in Africa

In 2000, 189 countries, including 53 African states, set eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to improve the lives of many of the world’s poorest people by 2015. In May 2013, the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), Cape Town, South Africa, c…

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