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Conflict Trends Issue 4

The first article on page 3 is titled: Electoral Mediation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho and Kenya: A Comparative Perspective. The article draws attention to various approaches used to deal with electoral disputes, which have bec…

Conflict Trends Issue 4 2013

In ‘Africa’s Concept of Unconstitutional Change of Government – How Appropriate?’ Egypt is the latest example of the African Union’s (AU) decision to declare events as an “unconstitutional change of government”, and to suspend Egypt’s AU membership …

Understanding the Cessation of Hostilities Agreements Violations in South Sudan

December 15, 2017, marked 4 years of a political turmoil in an independent South Sudan. This has culminated in the country’s widespread insecurity, an unmatched humanitarian tragedy, and a heightening economic distress. This misery deepens as a h…

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