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Conflict Trends Issue 4 2013

In ‘Africa’s Concept of Unconstitutional Change of Government – How Appropriate?’ Egypt is the latest example of the African Union’s (AU) decision to declare events as an “unconstitutional change of government”, and to suspend Egypt’s AU membership …

Conflict Trends Issue 4

The first article on page 3 is titled: Electoral Mediation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho and Kenya: A Comparative Perspective. The article draws attention to various approaches used to deal with electoral disputes, which have bec…

Understanding the Cessation of Hostilities Agreements Violations in South Sudan

December 15, 2017, marked 4 years of a political turmoil in an independent South Sudan. This has culminated in the country’s widespread insecurity, an unmatched humanitarian tragedy, and a heightening economic distress. This misery deepens as a h…

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