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Conflict Trends Issue 4 2012

‘Election Related Violence: Beyond Electoral Systems and Normative’ maintains that lasting solutions to election related violence should not only be sought in the technical deficiencies of the electoral process. Rather, broader structural problems o…

African Journal on Conflict Resolution vol. 6, no. 1, 2006

This journal consists of four articles. 'Third-Party Intervention in the Mbindia Enthronement Conflict: Containment or Transformation?' analyses the intervention of a third party conflict around the appointing of a local chief. 'Women and Peace-buil…

France and Algeria Under De Gaulle

The author begins his article with a description of the man De Gaulle. He then turns to the revolution in Algeria and how the French experienced this so called revolution. It also speaks of Algeria as a colonial country of France, its constitutional…

Why Nigeria Should Consider Adopting the Montreux Document Relating to Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs)

"There is an appetite for the services of private military and security companies (PMSCs) in Nigeria, despite its far-reaching legal and political implications. Since Nigeria returned to multi-party democracy in 1999, more of these PMSCs have been e…

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