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Assessing the Long-term Impact of Microcredit on Rural Poverty: Does the Timing and Length of Participation Matter?

"In recent years, microfinance institutions are seen as beacons of hope to help eradicate poverty through, among others, providing credit to poor rural households. Availability of small but repeated loans is, in the long-term, expected to impact on …

Microfinance Institutions in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda: Loan Outreach to the Poor and the Quest for Financial Viability

Loan outreach—financial viability nexus is among the unsettled issues in microfinance literature: unyielding stance favoring viability for increased outreach to the poor (depth) versus a trade-off view justifying subsidized Microfinance Institutions…

Gouvernance dans les Institutions de Microfinance : Contingence et Apprentissage Organisationnel / Governance in Microfinance Institutions: Contingency and Organizational Learning

This work aims to show the central role of contingency variables and organizational learning for the definition of effective modes of governance in MFIs. Thus, the dependence of the MFI on resources, the culture that can be national or organizationa…

Complémentarité entre Banques et Structures de Microfinance en Afrique Subsaharienne: une Réflexion à Partir des Analyses de G. B. Richardson

The Complete English Title of this document: Complementarity between Banks and Microfinance Structures in Sub-Saharan Africa: a reflection from the analyzes of G. B. Richardson. The main object of this paper is mainly the analysis of the complementa…

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