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Impact de la Microfinance sur la Pauvrete et les Inegalites : Une Analyse de Causalité Hétérogène en données de Panel / Impact of Microfinance on Poverty and Inequalities: A Heterogeneous Causality Analysis in Panel Data

This paper analyzed the impact of micro finance on poverty reduction and income inequalities by studying the causal links between the intensity of microfinance and two poverty indicators (Gini index and the poverty headcount ratio at 2$ / day). The …

Le Refinancement Bancaire des 
Structures de Microfinance :
 Modelisation et Estimations sur Donnees de Panel / Bank Refinancing of Microfinance Structures Modeling and Evaluation of Panel Data

The purpose of this contribution is to empirically analyze the determinants of capital raised by microfinance Institutions in the banking sector. The approach adopted is as follows. Based on statistics gathered in the field, the researchers tried to…

Appartenance à un Réseau, Gouvernance et Performance dans les Coopératives d’épargne et de Crédit au Cameroun / Network Membership, Governance and Performance in Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Cameroon

This work aims to show the central role of the network in the functioning of governance systems regarding savings and credit cooperatives, and to assess the influence of the membership of a cooperative in a network on its performance. Based on an em…

The Prospects and Challenges of Islamic Microfinance in the IGAD Region

There is wide range of evidence-based research support that Islamic Microfinance (IsMF) or interest-free microfinance is found to be instrumental to reach the marginalized and religiously observant Islamic poor. The scheme prohibits paying pre-deter…

Policy Challenges for Micro Finance Design and Practice in Nigeria

This document comprises three papers: PAPER 1: Titled: Challenges of Micro finance Supply and Administration. The author have attempted to provide background information on micro finance in this paper and the examination of micro finance and admini…

The Impact of a Rural Microcredit Scheme on Women's Household Vulnerability and Empowerment: Evidence from South West Nigeria

In this study, a team of local researchers investigates the impact of a microcredit scheme on the vulnerability to poverty and the empowerment of women and their households in rural Nigeria. In collaboration with the Amoye Microfinance Bank in Ike…

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