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Efficiency of Microenterprises in the Nigerian Economy

"This study investigates the efficiency of microenterprises in the Nigerian economy, using cross sectional data collected on 180 microenterprises selected from block-making, metalfabricating and sawmilling occupational groups. Quantitative estimates…

The Role of Micro and Small Scale Enterprises in the Ethiopian Economy, Government Intervention and Alternative Strategies: A CGE Analysis

Given the fact that Micro and Small scale enterprises (MSEs) are high on the Ethiopian government’s agenda for mid-term growth and transformation plan (GTP), this study aims to investigate the major contributions and the potential of this sector t…

Access to Financing for Productive Employment Opportunities for Women in Rural Benin

Government and financial institutions have attempted to address low financial inclusion in the development of sustainable microenterprises in rural Benin, especially with regard to women. In general, however, their actions have not been guided by ev…

Faciliter L’inclusion Financière des Femmes Rurales Micro-Entrepreneurs au Benin / Facilitating the Financial Inclusion of Women Micro-Entrepreneurs in Rural Benin

The following measures would increase the effectiveness of microfinance programmes to promote financial inclusion and entrepreneurial development of rural women in Benin: • Consider differences in age, education and activity levels of beneficiaries…

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