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The Major Bottlenecks of Micro and Small Scale Enterprises' Growth in Ethiopia: An Econometric Analysis

Development of Micro and Small enterprises (MSEs) is one mechanism for alleviating unemployment, especially for women. Ethiopia has developed policy as part of the Growth Transformation and Plan (GTP) to develop MSEs to generate employment at the …

The Role of Micro and Small Enterprises in Reducing Unemployment and Poverty in Ethiopia

Despite the country’s success in economic growth and poverty reduction over the past decade, income inequality and unemployment remain formidable challenges in Ethiopia. According to the 2014 Central Statistics Authority report, average urban unem…

Assessing the Institutional Framework for Promoting the Growth of MSE's in Tanzania : the Case of Dar Es Salaam

"This research paper examined the institutional framework for supporting MSEs. One of the important issues that was raised by the study is the need to develop social entrepreneurship in the country. The study shows that one of the needs of the MSE s…

Entrepreneurs' Attitudes Toward Risk in Micro and Small Enterprises: Evidence from Urban Ethiopia

The attitudes toward risk of women and men entrepreneurs in micro- and small enterprises (MSEs) are analyzed, and the factors that influence attitude toward risk of MSE owners are investigated. The empirical analysis first uses the moment-based ap…

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