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The Engagement of the Zimbabwean Medical Diaspora

"Despite the well-documented negative impacts on the 'brain drain' of health professionals from Africa, there is an argument that their departure is not an absolute loss and that transnationally-oriented medical migrants (or diasporas) can act as de…

The Disengagement of the South African Medical Diaspora

Conventional wisdom holds that the ‘brain drain’ of health professionals from Africa is deeply damaging to the continent. Recently, a group of North American and European neo-liberal economists has challenged this conventional wisdom, variously arg…

Brain Drain in Africa: The case of Tackling Capacity issues in Malawi's Medical Migration

The past decade has seen developing countries losing large numbers of health care professionals to developed countries, including Malawi, one of the Sub-Saharan countries hit hardest by the brain drain of health workers, particularly nurses. In thi…

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