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Media Freedom, Transparency and Governance

This paper, by veteran journalist Raymond Louw, asks a fundamental question: 'Can good governance exist without a free and independent media?' And he argues that Africa's premier governance and accountability tool - The APRM - seems to have ignored…

Le Soutien à la Liberté des Médias Recule en Guinée / Support for Media Freedom is Declining in Guinea

The Guinean media landscape has been slow to structure itself. The liberalization of the airwaves took place only recently and took place in a very unstable and often violent political context. In this environment, which has affected the country's e…

How Free is too Free? Across Africa, Media Freedom is on the Defensive

In Africa, as elsewhere, mass media face increasing opportunities and threats. New technologies have made it easier for producers to share content widely and cheaply, resulting in a proliferation and diversification of information sources. And broad…

Free vs. False: Namibia's Changing Media Landscape Presents Tough Choices for Citizens

The World Press Freedom Index considers Namibia the African country with the freest media environment, ranking 23rd in the world. While the media environment may be relatively free, senior Namibian politicians are often cynical about the media and j…

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