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The Costs and Pricing of Tourism in Zambia: The Case of Livingstone

"Tourism is potentially one of Zambia’s best prospects for economic diversification and growth. The tourism sector has the potential to play an increasingly important role in stimulating economic growth by contributing to job creation, foreign exc...

Strategies to Support South African Smallholders as a Contribution to Government's Second Economy Strategy: Volume 1: Situation Analysis, Fieldwork Findings and Main Conclusions

"This study is a response to a request from those developing the Second Economy Strategy to help identify the key elements of an implementable programme to support the smallholder sector. At the core of the exercise was a set of case studies of ‘...

Effects of Collective Marketing by Farmers' Organizations on Cocoa Farmer's Price in Cameroon

This study aims to evaluate the effects of collective marketing by farmers' organizations (FOs) on cocoa farmer’s price in Cameroon. This is done through the quasi-experimental method, which uses the techniques of “Propensity Score Matching”. Th...

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