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Market Structure, Liberalization and Performance in the Malawian Banking Industry

"Financial sector reforms led to the removal of credit ceilings and interest rate controls and opened the banking system to new competition. This study examines the effect of financial sector reforms on market structure, financial intermediation, sa…

Productivity, Market Structure and Trade Liberalization in Nigeria

"This study investigates the relationship between trade liberalization and the market structure and productivity performance of the Nigerian manufacturing sector. The study also shows that foreign ownership has an important bearing on firm performa…

Marketing System Analysis of Vegetables and Fruits in Amhara Regional State: Survey Evidence from Raya Kobo and Harbu Woredas

This study attempted to analyze the different aspects of a marketing system for vegetables and fruit in Raya Kobo and Harbu woredas, Amhara regional state using different indicators. Probit estimation for determinant of participation probability in …

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