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Rural Non-Farm Engagement and Agriculture Commercialization in Ghana: Complements or Competitors?

We used an endogenous switching probit and a generalized structural equation model (GSEM) to assess the effect of non-farm participation on householders’ decisions to sell and on the level of commercialization of agricultural goods in Ghana. For t…

Patterns and Determinants of Livestock Farmers’ Choice of Marketing Channels: Micro-level Evidence

This paper investigates the patterns and determinants of smallholder livestock farmer’s market participation, as well as the market channel choice using a micro-lever survey data from Ethiopia. Binary logit and multinomial logit models have been app…

Education and Labour Market Activity of Women in Botswana

This study examines the prevalence of female participation in labour market activities and investigates the role played by education in this participation. Using the 2015/16 Botswana Multi Topic Household Survey data and a multinomial logit model, t…

The Nexus of Production Diversity, Market Participation, and Dietary Diversity: Insights from Ethiopia

This study examines the nexus among production diversity, market participation, and consumption diversity in smallholder households. It identifies the main factors that influence smallholder farm households’ decision to diversify production and eval…

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