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The SA Navy and an African Renaissance: Selected conference papers Annual Naval Conference 23 October 1997

"In capturing the spirit of the times, the conference is believed to serve as a significant milestone in the promotion of maritime awareness in South Africa. The contributions of eminent participants will, through stimulating informed discussion, fu…

Prospects for the Kenyan Blue Economy

The government of Kenya is increasingly prioritising the Blue Economy as a potential source of employment and economic growth. In recent years a number of sectoral initiatives have been launched, as well as new institutional structures for the integ…

Towards Peaceful Waters: Resolving the Kenya-Somalia Maritime Conflict

The tragedy of commons is that parties acting in self-interest often seek to exploit a common resource in ways that is detrimental to the collective good and mutual interest of interested parties. In international relations, such self-interested act…

Realizing the Blue Economy in Zanzibar: Potentials, Opportunities, and Challenges

This paper reviews the concept of blue economy, how it relates to Zanzibar and how to take advantage of the development opportunities it provides. In particular, the paper identifies the strengths of the blue economy and the opportunities available,…

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