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Strategy for Fisheries Socio-economic Research

"This document sets broad strategic directions for a period of five years and provides a framework on which fisheries socio-economic research priorities can be determined on a more frequent basis. This document is divided into six chapters: Chapter …

Coastal Tourism and Economic Inclusion in Indian Ocean Rim Association States - Policy Brief

The inclusiveness of tourism development is coming under close academic and policy scrutiny, including in policy debates within the Indian Ocean region through the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). Coastal and marine tourism is recognised as a vi…

Integrated Marine and Coastal Management in the Western Indian Ocean: Towards a Sustainable Oceans Economy

The Western Indian Ocean (WIO) region has valuable and diverse coastal and marine resources, but much of its natural capital is either threatened or declining. As countries in the WIO region gear for a sustainable oceans economy, there is an urgent …

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